Wednesday, May 25, 2011

UOI Interview With Mrs. Raisdana

1. If you could choose your topic again, would you choose the same one, or a different one? Explain why.
- I chose this question because I will chose different one id I do this again.

7. How well did you work on your own, meeting deadlines and getting your work done independently? Explain why you did well,  or why you needed to improve.
- I chose this question because I think I worked well in meeting deadlines. Also I thought I should improve some.

9. Do you think that you have successfully shown your learning through the tasks that you've completed during this unit so far? Explain your answer.
- I chose this question because I showed my learning through the task by many different ways.

Step By Step
I will make answer to prepare the interview.
Then I will try to keep the answers in mind.
I will make sure my answer to give enough information

I think this could be difficult for me. I might forget what I'm gonna talk about. I should prepare my answer certainly.

My Interview

I prepared this interview in weekend to answer. I wrote some answer at home and practiced my own. I think I did pretty well, I tried to answer questions with enough information and  I answered all questions. But I should speak more clearly and confident. I didn't give enough information for some questions.

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