Sunday, June 5, 2011

Final Task: Analysis!

Our ESL unit is 'Unit of Inquiry.' I chose 'quilting a doll' for my unit of inquiry topic. My essential question for this topic is 'How can I learn to make a doll by quilting and why will this affect other people?' 

I worked on three different levels of Bloom's Taxonomy that we covered. Our first part is Knowledge. I did list materials are needed, describe skills and process by researching. I should analyze these clearly and neatly. The next part is Comprehension. What I did was comparing doll and tissue-case, explain materials and explain process of making doll. I had to analyze my information in Knowledge more further. The last one is Applicaiton. I wrote three to do list and chose 'constructing my own quilt doll.' In this part took much time than knowledge or comprehension. I made my own doll and show pictures of process of making doll.

My essential question for my topic is 'How can I learn to make a doll by quilting and why will this affect other people?' I can learn how to quilting and make it for other people. This can make friends more close with me and keep up my friendship. Also I could make it to present for others. Learning quilting will affect positive way for relationship between me and others.

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  1. I really like this post because this blog post was easy to understand and you explained about your topic and essential question really well.