Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The next level: Comprehension

Explaining Materials:

Needles- Should use smallest needle as I can to make smallest stitch.

Sewing Machine- Help people stitch more easily.

Pins- To hold fabrics stay.


Quilting Thread- 20-30wt thread used for decorative stitchs.

Scissors&Cutter- To cut designs on fabrics.

Ruler- Draw straight lines on fabrics or cut straight when using cutter.

Pen- Should be erasable. Draw designs on the fabrics.


Explaining Process:
1. Find doll patterns: Find pattern which you like
2. Print or draw the pattern on the fabric: Use tracing to draw on fabric
3. Divide the doll to each part. (body, head, arms and legs)
4. Cut each parts. 2 pieces for each part. (back to back)
5. Sew every parts of doll. Arms, legs, body and head.
6. Turn all of the pieces.
7. Put cottons inside of each parts: Do not attach them together yet
8. Sew all the parts together: Be careful with cotton, make sure not to come out.
9. Add details on the doll (nose, eyes etc)

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