Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lever 3: Application

My to do task was to make my own quilt doll and show pictures of making the doll. I successfully made my own doll. I create it in my own without any help. I took pictures in each step that I will use in my blog post. Also it was challenge for me to sew every single pieces carefully.

First, ready all the ingredients, scissors, fabrics, needle, pins, button and thread.

 Draw the design of the doll on the fabric. Use erasable pen.

 Cut the fabric.

Sew ear part first, left space to turn over. 

Then, sew face part. 

Don'r forget to sew ear together inside.

Also left space to turn over. 


Next is the body, I used pin to hold the fabric. 


Put cotton inside of the head and body. 

Then close the hold, make sure cotton to not come out. 

Then add some details. I put button eye on it. 

Stick it all together by sewing. I made ribbon for cat.

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