Thursday, November 25, 2010

Unit Reflection: The Power of Words

Written Reflection

At first of the unit, we chose our emotive language for our documentary. We found 3 different thesaurus for our emotive language. I learned to use different words with same meaning in this unit. After that, we wrote blurb for our documentary. We learned what is blurb. Last, we made the poster for our documentary.

We used Flickr to find picture to use for the poster. Then we used Big Huge labs to create a poster. We discussed and chose "Cell Phone Wars" for our title. To make title was difficult because I didn't have ideas. My taglines were “Do your phone hurt the environment?” and “Save environment from the phones.” My friend gave some ideas to make taglines and I chose my taglines from that idea. The picture I used was showing lots of phones thrown away.

 I think the poster was difficult. It was hard for me to create title and taglines. I think the emotive language part was easy for me. I need to study some words but it was easier than making title and taglines. I liked some and I didn’t like some. Some of them are interesting but some are hard. I think I became Knowledgeable in this unit. I learnt English more and tried to give second thought for my work. After I finished the work, I write reflection about what I’ve done, it can help me to improve my work next time.

Video Reflection

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