Thursday, November 25, 2010

ESL 8, Unit 1 Final Project Displays


Our issue is about negative impact of cell phones. We will tell about how phones affect to the environment. People don’t really know about how can affect to people and environment. When people throw out their phones, we bury them in the soil but they are made of plastics and some metallic materials so they never goes away in the soil.
Phones affect to the earth in a negative way and we are gonna tell about how can phones be recycled. Now, about 60% of people in the world are using cell phones. However there’s a big amount of phones are thrown away each day.
Our movie is about how phones affect the environment and how can they be recycled. We want our audience to know about how serious problems can caused by phones. We will also try to make them feel guilt and make them not to buy or throw away their phones when they can still used.

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